ThalaSea Art

Where Sea meets Art

Handcraft inspired by the sea!

ThalaSea Studios & Apartments, inspired by the traditional Cycladic architecture of the island, and in combination with the taste of the owner Yannis Triantafyllos, is decorated with handmade works of art, giving the characteristic feeling of Antiparos atmosphere.

“…the unique Antiparos wood”

Yannis Triantafyllos

Yannis Triantafyllos

ThalaSea General Manager / Handcraft Artist

“It all started with my first contact with the wooden raw materials of the island, which in a special form and strength were worked by artisans and craftsmen were making tools for plowing, threshing floor and transport animals.

Inspired by the intense scents and aromas of wet mountain or bronzed stone, and the blessed olive tree, the perennial tsentro (cedar), the towering eucalyptus, the tempest tamarisk, I became involved with the construction of various objects, guided by the colours and aromas of the mountains and the beaches. The materials I use are old shutters, old doors and various old wooden stuff, which are thrown in the trash.

In a small storage room of my house with a saw, a small wheel, a chisel and some colors in recent years cut, carve, fit, paint various woods and I make these little creations that decorate the hotel or at the end donated to good friends.”